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This massage is performed in a warm and safe environment with soft music and dim lights in the background. Initially, this massage starts with a deep breath and the therapist starts massaging the full body. This will enhance the comfort level of the receiver. This massage comprises a whole body massage which mainly targets on one’s neck, shoulder, buttocks, hip-joint, etc. In the final stage, the therapist targets the external and internal areas of yoni which raises the Chakras in a woman’s body physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The duration time of Yoni massage New York can be for a few minutes to even an hour. Once it is completed both the receiver and the therapist will sense closeness with each other.

In a nutshell, a Yoni massage is ideal for couples who want to increase their intimacy with each other. This massage is applicable for a woman who wants spiritual healing and wants to control her sexuality in both physically and mentally. So, what are you waiting for? Pamper yourself with a Yoni massage New York and discover yourself in a new way in terms of both physically and psychologically.

Yoni is basically a Sanskrit word which means a “Sacred Space or a Temple”. But in the world of tantra, the word “Yoni massage” stands for a vaginal massage which gives the ultimate pleasure to the female. The prime purpose of “Vaginal massage” is to give a woman a spiritual glory and satisfaction with her feminine core. This massage also enhances the intimacy and bonding of the woman with her partner.

Most of the people have a misleading idea about this massage because they believe this is a sexual massage for women which help them to enjoy orgasm. But in reality, it is completely different. This massage basically helps a woman to gain control over her sexuality and also gives her a chance to enjoy the celestial pleasure that she may not have experienced before. This massage helps to unwind both (the therapist and the woman). Sometimes, the receiver tends to have an orgasm during the massage session. This is a positive sign portrays that the receiver is satisfied and overjoyed completely with the massage therapy.